Sample Projects by Industry

Companies who hire Speak for Success know that the communication and presentation skills of their leaders and others in the spotlight are critical to how the company is viewed and perceived by the marketplace, their shareholders, clients, and other key stakeholders.

Dana Bristol-Smith, President


Participants: Scientists & Biologists, Ph.D. level
Scientists and other technical experts have their own language when speaking amongst themselves. The problem is that quite often people from other specialties and fields can’t understand each other because of the jargon and acronyms that are used.

We were contracted to work with senior level scientists who had to present an annual project report to their senior executives to give updates on their current projects and proposals for new projects.

By interviewing senior executives, we learned what they wanted to hear in these presentations and we designed a template for the scientists to use to build their presentations. We provided Presentation Skills training to help them build confidence in their delivery, improve their skills, and practice using the template to build and deliver clear, concise, business case presentations.


Participants: Sales Professionals
A national sales team has challenges delivering a clear and consistent message out in the field. We were called in to work with sales reps in each region, to help them in both building their confidence and the ability to articulate a clear message as they visited and built relationships with physicians across the United States.


Participants: Physicians
Oftentimes practicing physicians educate other physicians on new therapies and treatment options. We delivered a two-day Presentation Skills workshop in Texas for physicians from the southern states who were going to be conducting continuing education on treatment options for AIDS and HIV patients. A gynecologist, who also had a Ph.D. in psychology, commented that this training was some of the most valuable that she had received in that it was practical and would help her communicate better with patients and their families, and other physicians.

Financial Services

Participants: Portfolio Managers and Analysts
Financial experts are frequently called by the media to give comments about newsworthy events. They also speak at large industry conferences and take part in panel discussions. Through customized workshops, we’ve helped them use a presentation preparation process and structure to deliver more effective and better received presentations.

Participants: Credit Union Branch Managers and Assistant Managers
In order for a Credit Union to attract new members, branch managers have to be active in their local communities. This includes taking part in Chamber of Commerce events, helping schools by teaching financial literacy to students, and other activities that give exposure and visibility.

Speak for Success provided Presentation Skills training to all branch managers and assistant branch managers and helped them build confidence so that they felt better prepared and better able to represent the Credit Union professionally in all of their community involvement. We also ran our follow on Speakers Success Forum breakfast meeting once a month, as a refresher for graduates of the workshops.


Participants: Engineers who deliver Technical Training
A diverse group of engineers trains other engineers, who are their customers, on how to use the company’s technology to set up and maintain wireless cellular networks. These trainings are conducted around the world and last anywhere from one to five days in length. Keeping the attention and interest of the audience has multiple challenges.

Speak for Success was brought in to help the engineers improve their presentation and training skills and assist them in adding interactive elements to their programs. The trainers had a wide variety of experience from beginning to senior – with one having traveled and trained in 25 countries.

We took a “best practices” approach in our Train the Trainer delivery and in addition to our content, used the expertise of the more seasoned trainers to help all the participants learn about the environments and challenges they would encounter delivering their material to diverse audiences. The participants were able to learn what has worked well in regards to dealing with group dynamics, working with a translator, audiences who don’t ask questions, and other situations that they’ll encounter delivering training to international audiences.