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Many companies have invested in Presentation Skills training for their managers. After a one- or two-day program, participants make significant improvements in their presentation delivery skills.

If participants don't give another presentation for six months after the training, do they lose some of the progress they made in the training?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

To keep presentation skills alive, they must be practiced on a regular basis. Just like working out at a gym or running, if we don’t keep at it, muscles contract and lose their strength and ability.

Speakers Success Forum is a monthly participatory forum for graduates of Speak for Success workshops, to practice delivering presentations and speaking on issues spontaneously.

Comment from participant:

I just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying the monthly Speaker's Success forum with Dana.  It's really been beneficial for me.  I feel that my presentation skills have improved, and continue to do so.  It's great to have a safe place to practice in a live environment.  I constantly recommend the class and forum to others, and I hope that the forum will continue into next year.

Vice President, Department Manager

Monthly meetings include:

  • a brief presentation update featuring a tip or technique
  • a chance to speak spontaneously on a management issue
  • delivery of two to three prepared presentations by participants
  • videotaping of presentations
  • participants taking an active role/function in each meeting
  • feedback and coaching
  • networking with colleagues

This is a six-month or one-year program that includes a monthly 90-minute breakfast or lunch meeting facilitated at the same day/time each month, onsite at your location

Participants receive a monthly E-newsletter

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