Powerful Pitches for Sales Professionals

One of the most important sales skills is the ability to deliver targeted information to prospects and clients with clarity and positive impact. Sales professionals must be able to project confidence, credibility, and professionalism in one-on-one meetings and when pitching to groups.

This interactive workshop encourages sales professionals to learn their company’s “best practices” in sales presentations. It also increases the clarity and consistency of the company’s message in the field. Through self-assessment, small group exercises, and presentation delivery from the front of the room, sales professionals will practice delivering pitches that are more focused on the needs of the prospect or client and better organized, more persuasive, and credible.

As a result of this on-your-feet workshop, you will be able to:

  • Feel more comfortable and confident when delivering sales pitches
  • Build rapport from the start of your delivery
  • Use your voice, gestures, and movement to enhance communication
  • Systematically prepare for presentations
  • Deliver clear, concise sales pitches that get positive response
  • Target your pitch to their prospect or client’s needs
  • Encourage and handle questions with ease
  • Utilize audio visual equipment effectively

Sales professionals who want to exude more confidence, credibility, and clarity during their sales pitches and meetings.

Comments from Participants

This was an excellent way to focus on our strengths and improve on our weaknesses! By observing each other you can learn so much.
Sales Rep, Pfizer

Very helpful session to sharpen the saw - I recommend it for other teams.
Sales Manager, Pfizer

Our unique approach:

  1. Onsite observation of sales call to understand selling environment and specific challenges sales representatives encounter
  2. Needs Assessment (self-assessment completed by Reps and Managers)
  3. Review of selling approach and methods used to link presentations
    training delivery
  4. Customization of course to needs and objectives of client
  5. Videotaped presentations (recommended)
  6. Format customized to accommodate size of audience and time allotment

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