Email Writing for Success

Sure, high-speed Internet services can send your email at lightning speed. But can the reader get the point of your email as quickly?

This hands-on, interactive class will help you write email that:

  • Makes its main point in 2 to 3 seconds
  • Prevents the reader from taking your tone the wrong way
  • Encourages the reader to read the whole thing
  • Helps the reader respond immediately

You'll also learn to write for your audience—busy people who need to skim your message quickly, get the most important info immediately, and turn it into action. 

As a result of this learning experience participants will be able to:

  • Write at a readable grade level (12th grade is not better than 8th grade.)
  • Score on the reading ease chart (Forget that impressive vocabulary!)
  • Control that pesky passive voice (It is not to be ignored.)
  • Limit those Faulkneresque sentences (They go on, and on, and on...)
  • Sound as organized, confident, easy-to-work-with, smart, flexible, respectful, and loaded with expertise as they really are

Everyone who writes on-the-job email, memos, letters, or reports.

The creative training materials, customized from your own email, will help you have fun while you become a much better writer. Accommodates up to 16 participants.

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