High IMPACT Presentations:
From Presentation to Performance

It’s a powerful, hands-on experiential workshop designed to improve your speaking skills and help you speak with passion from the core of who you are. This is not one of those general courses where you sit down to take notes. This is a highly interactive workshop where you get to deliver short presentations and receive personal coaching and feedback from me and a live audience.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Create a professional image and presence your audience won’t forget
  • Harness anxiety and butterflies to work in your favor
  • Grab and hold everyone’s attention from the very start
  • Send powerful non-verbal messages
  • Structure your message so it’s easy to follow
  • And, most importantly, move your audience to take action!

Coming soon
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9710 Scranton Road, #160, San Diego, CA 92121

Fee: $595
$100 early bird discount available for a limited time.

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